Arlene Whiteman

"Let your Light Shine before men, that they may see your good works and Glorify your Father who is in Heaven ..."

MATT. 5:16







About the Artist

Arlene Whiteman’s smooth mellow mezzo-soprano voice penetrates the soul, guiding the listener into the presence of God. Singing since age six, Arlene has sung at various churches and denominations, from choir to solo work.  Second born into a family of five, she grew up surrounded by hymns of the church where her father was the pastor.  Some of her other early influences included the Jackson Five, Beatles, Earth Wind and Fire, Bee Gees, Lionel Ritchie, Chaka Khan, Stephanie Mills, Aretha Franklin, Karen Carpenter, Andre Crouch, Diana Ross, Roberta Flack, Barry White, Billy Holiday, Mammas and the Pappas and Patsy Kline, just to name a few. When her parents weren’t around she and her siblings would play the songs on the radio or record player, and they learned most of Nat King Cole’s songs because her older brother played him all the time.

Arlene Whiteman has sung with “Richard Smith and Friends” since college and she has done background vocals on their first three albums and until recently remained a regular part of their ministry circle.  She has had experience leading worship and singing for women’s events and retreats, prisons and homeless shelters, street outreaches, nursing homes, and anywhere God has led her to minister to the hearts of people with His message of hope and salvation.

Arlene began writing music that the Lord was giving her, and she knew it was time to follow God’s lead and become a solo artist. At first it was a very hard decision to leave the group she had been singing with for years, but she knew that trusting and obeying God was more important than staying where she felt comfortable, accepted, and safe.

“Shine” is a labor of love with all original songs. Each song was composed and written by Arlene, and with His blessings released on her own label, God Can Records. She knows that this is only the start of what God is going to do — to use her to bring the gospel, to share His love, joy, hope, healing, and forgiveness of Yeshua Jesus throughout the world.  As Arlene Whiteman says, “The Spirit of God is with me as I sing.  I sense it, and feel Him move through people, melting hearts, healing wounds and bringing people back into His presence, where He works, giving them hope.”

We look forward for more to come from Arlene Whiteman and the mind of God.